Rain, Rain and more rain

This week will be our most challenging week to visit your property. We lost Monday completely. We start service later on Tuesday then usual so properties could dry out. We hoped to stay out late, but the rain returned. We have been out today, Wednesday, but with the grounds so wet, we are having to go slower then normal and even having to go over the area twice. With more rain expected tonight into the morning, we are expecting to start late tomorrow as well.

Grub Damage

This season we are noticing more damage to turf from grubs then last season. Be proactive and apply grub control now. Grubs feast on the roots of your grass in the spring before they become beetles. More feasting occurs when the eggs hatch in August and the newly born grubs eat the roots to grow and get ready for the winter. Then the cycle starts again. We can apply a granular grub control to your turf this spring starting at $125 a bag. This will cover properties up to a 1/3 acre.


So far our new schedules have improved our ability to bring you weekly service. We have tried to adjust for the weather, by having the crews stay out later on good days and work on Saturday the last two weeks. Now that the forecast shows warmer temperatures starting Thursday with the rain we have received, the grass will really start to grow. This week we have been unable to mow properties on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the rain and wet ground.

April is National Lawn Care Month

As spring arrives, 30 million acres of turf across the nation is turning green and growing. Town & Country Landscaping observes the importance of lawns and their aesthetic and environmental benefits during National Lawn Care Month each April.

Did you know?
• Well cared for lawns can significantly increase your clients’ property values.
• A healthy lawn is of utmost importance to our environment. A 50-foot by 50-foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four.

New Contracts

We are starting to mail the contracts out for the upcoming season. Over the years, you have let us know that you desire more consistent scheduling from week to week. We have listened to what our customers said and have modified our 2009 mowing schedules to meet your expectations. We have based your new upgraded service on a thirty-one week mowing season, April through October. Our goal is to visit your property on a set day each week, weather permitting.

Start Planning

Now is the time I like to daydream about what my lawn and landscape will look like this spring. Will that Azalea flower? Will my trees grow? Do I have bugs? Should I seed again? What am I going to grow in my vegetable garden this year? Last season my vegetable garden was not very productive and I wonder why? What can I do better? My problem was lack of water. Mother nature did not provide it with enough and I forgot sometimes because it was time consuming to drag the hose to the back part of the yard every time.

Office Closed on January 19 & 20

Our office will be closed for Martin Luther King day and for the Inauguration. We will open on Wednesday at 9:00am. If there is snow on Sunday that accumulates to 2" at National airport, then our crews will be out.

Did you know that the 2009 inaugural theme is ‘A New Birth of Freedom’.

Spring Mulching Forms Mailed

The Spring Mulching forms were mailed January 15 along with our Spring Newsletter. So keep an eye out for it and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Happy New Year

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and are hopeful 2009 will be a better year. We are busy updating contracts and adjusting our route schedules. There is excitement about performing more green services this season. We will start with the conversion of our mowers to mulching mowers. This is costly and will be phased in over the season. We want to hear from you regarding any comments, concerns or compliments.

Happy Holidays!

Everyone here at Town & Country would like to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday. We do thank you for your business this year and are looking forward to working with you in 2009. Our office will be closed starting December 24 through January 4. Have a happy and safe New Year.
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