Leaf Removal Season

Printer-friendly versionStarting November 2, our crews switched to leaf removal services. This year many leaves have started falling early. Our crews will blow and drag the leaves towards the front where a leaf vacuum truck will later come by and pickup them up. So no smelly bags sitting in front of your house on top of the grass. The beds will be blown on the last visit so we disturb the mulched areas as little as possible.

For our 8 month customers your service ends at the end of November and you can expect two services. For our 9 & 12 month customers your service ends December 23rd and you can expect three services. Leaf removal service takes a lot longer then our mowing service. Our crews follow the same schedule for leaf removal as they do for mowing and it takes them about 2-2.5 weeks to complete one round. Of course windy and rainy days just slow them down further.

Any 7 month customers whose services stopped at the end of October can still sign up for leaf removal. We can schedule a cleanup for November and/or December. Just contact us to get an estimate.