Did you have a lot of branches fall this winter?

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The importance of using Merit as a ground systemic to kill bores and other harmful pests
April is the best time to apply the chemical, Merit, to deciduous trees before they get their leaves. It is injected into the ground with a probe approximately four inches down to get the chemical to the feeder roots. In the spring is when the trees absorb moisture from the ground so it can produce its new flush of leaves. The Merit goes into the roots and quickly goes throughout the tree and its new leaves. Any insect, such as bores, ants, and termites are killed when they eat any part of the tree.
When used as a ground systemic, Merit will kill the pests that spraying does not. This will also reduce the need to spray, which will help the environment. Merit should be applied every year to deciduous and evergreen trees to keep pests under control. Merit kills the insects but not their eggs, which is why it needs to be applied every year.
In small trees, such as dogwoods, the results will be seen much quicker than in a mature oak tree. It may take several years for the chemicals to reach all parts of the tree. It takes twelve months to see real results. There will be more, longer lasting flowers, bigger leaves, new growth, and much of the death of roots and branches will be eliminated.
When branches fall off your trees, you have bores. I have found that most trees have bores which lead to other problems. If these problems are not addressed, the tree will not grow up to maturity and will eventually die.