Spring Mulching Forms Mailed

The spring mulching forms have been mailed.  To get on the schedule for mulching make sure you return it to us by February 28, 2010.  We have available other varieties of mulch besides the shredded hardward.  Contact us with your needs as the price may change.   If you don't want to mulch your entire property, we can do the areas you want, just contact us so we can meet with you to go over your needs. Included with the forms is our newsletter.

Wet Conditions Slow Leaf Removal

The wet weather our area has been experiencing has slowed down the crews putting us behind schedule for leaf removal. We are working through the rain this week and will do the best we can in this weather. To reach as many properties as possible, we are missing some areas of the yard. When we return for your next visit, we will clean-up all the areas. We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Backyard Fun - Relax Poolside on New Patio

Recently Completed Driveway and Walkway

Benefits of Fall Services

Here are the benefits to have the fall services performed this season.

Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements through these means:
Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
Enhanced soil water uptake.
Improved fertilizer uptake and use.
Reduced water runoff and puddling.
Stronger turfgrass roots.
Reduced soil compaction.
Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.

Office Closed for Labor Day

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. Our office will be closed and no service will occur on Monday Sept 4.

Closed July 3rd for Holiday

The office will be closed on July 3 and no mowing crews scheduled. We will resume operations on Monday July 6. Our crews are staying out late this week to visit most of our properties in the 4 days.

Watering Tips

With all the rain we have had, we still see customers with their sprinkers running. If your system does not have a rain gauge, then TURN OFF your system. Too much water can be more damaging then not enough. In fact, allowing lawns to start to go under mild drought stress actually increases rooting.

Fungus Alert

Due to the wet weather we have been having, we are noticing many properties with a fungus called red thread popping up. Like most grass diseases, red thread is very much weather related. When conditions are right for development, management of red thread is limited to checking and correcting any nutritional deficiencies or direct treatment with a fungicide material.

When Green Lawns Turn 'Red'

Rain, Rain and more rain

This week will be our most challenging week to visit your property. We lost Monday completely. We start service later on Tuesday then usual so properties could dry out. We hoped to stay out late, but the rain returned. We have been out today, Wednesday, but with the grounds so wet, we are having to go slower then normal and even having to go over the area twice. With more rain expected tonight into the morning, we are expecting to start late tomorrow as well.
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