Spring Services forms will be mailed by January 15

We will be mailing our Spring services form by January 15.  On the form we offer mulching services which includes not only the price of the mulch, but cleaning up the beds of winter debris, weeds, re-define the edge of the beds and then applying the mulch.  We can work within your budget if you cannot mulch your entire property, just call so we can meet with you to go over your specific needs.  This is also a great time to fertilize the plants with our 14-14-14 which is a slow release fertilizer and we apply this before we apply the mulch.  To help reduce the number

Spring Mulching Forms Mailed

The spring mulching forms have been mailed.  To get on the schedule for mulching make sure you return it to us by February 28, 2010.  We have available other varieties of mulch besides the shredded hardward.  Contact us with your needs as the price may change.   If you don't want to mulch your entire property, we can do the areas you want, just contact us so we can meet with you to go over your needs. Included with the forms is our newsletter.

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